Unihertz Business Collaboration

Reselling and Distribution

If you wish to partner with Unihertz and resell/ distribute our smartphones to your country or region, please contact service@unihertz.com with the email title "Your Company Name_Reselling/ Distribution Request" and include following informaiton:

  • Company profile
  • Target region
  • Main sales channel

Marketing Promotion

For marketing and promotion request, please contact service@unihertz.com with the email title "Your Channel Name_Promotion Request" and include the following information:

  • The links of a website or social channels that you are going to post about Unihertz smartphones.
  • Your daily active user number.
  • A brief demographic report.


We offer customization service for bulk orders, including the software, hardware ID customization, etc., for business usage. 

If you have customization requests based on one of our smartphones that is currently on sale, please contact service@unihertz.com