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Wish it could be better!

Design and concept are so cool! I wish the display size were a tad bigger, say 3.5 inches, and the battery at least 2500, with an IP rating as well. Also, the software support is very limited, and I wish Unihertz would provide security updates at least twice a year for the first couple of years!

6 months in use

It's perfect. It's solved my doom scrolling and I'm not tempted to peek at my phone for social media updates. The only issue I have is when the screen brightness auto feature glitches. A full device reset fixes it but it happens often. Tapping on stuff at the edges of the screen tend to miss the tap. As a phone though, best purchase I made.

Cool lil phone

It's very small but surprisingly powerful. Haven't had any issues with it yet. It has some quirks that need figuring out but nothing too bothersome. It's lightweight and easy to hold. Overall I can recommend this phone to anyone who wants a mini phone with normal phone capabilities. Not a fan of the LEDs on the back of the phone though.

I just love that Jelly Star

It is really small, fast and reliable. The service and relacement parts are very good, even when they send them to Europe. I love it to play music, whatsapp, banking or order a taxi. People are surprised when they see it function.

<3 my mini phone

this phone has been nothing short of amazing. i bought it on a whim after reading all the positive reviews. my life has already changed for the better. this phone has all the abilities and necessities that i need to live daily life but without the temptation to scroll and live on my screen every second of my life. the size is adaptable - i use voice dictation for a lot of my texts when i don’t feel like typing on the keyboard. the quality of phone calls are good too and people i’ve talked to on speaker didn’t even notice i was using an android instead of an iphone. this phone is tiny and perfect. it’s a great conversation starter too.

i feel a general sense of anxiety has been lifted already and ive only had jelly 2 for four days. i used to be so overwhelmed and afraid of rejection when i would send a text to someone or just be unable to relax without checking for notifications all the time but for some reason it’s like the smallness of jelly 2’s screen has completely taken that fear away. i’m able to be more myself over text exchanges now. it’s like im not afraid to be perceived anymore as much - sounds crazy but it seems to be because of this phone…

mindfulness is returning to my life and im beginning to slow down and be present every day again. i never even realized just how addicted i was to dopamine scrolling until i got this. i was skeptical that the idea of a phone like this was just a novelty that would wear off but by the way things have been going i think im gonna make this a permanent change. i’ve already begun getting so many more tasks ive been putting off for years done. productivity and modern day social media and smartphones are natural enemies - but even though jelly 2 is technically a smart phone the size completely erases the probability of becoming addicted to your phone - at least for me

ps i have att and all i did was swap out my sim card in my iphone 12 into jelly 2 and it worked straight away

a marvel and a dream phone

i got my atom last september 2023, as a secondary phone for my iphone 13 mini. i had my eyes on the jelly star, but decided to go for the rugged Atom, as i know i would not have access to spare parts or repair it if something broke ( in my country), i found someone selling it online, and they got it while abroad.bought it right away, and i loved it from the very beginning, kept going between both phones for different environments and circumstances. but weeks ago, i started to transfer my whats app to this phone, and ditch my iphone in the drawer for a while because i wanted a social media detox ( the atom has all the social media apps but it's not as easy browsing them as on normal phones which is just what i needed) . and i could't be happier now!
-good battery. i charge it when it's 40% once a day, because it's better for the battery on the long run.
-camera: i LOVE the simple camera specially that i only use (OpenCamera) app. i fiddled around with the settings and knew how best to use them. and i'm really in love with the artistic simple output. sometimes what you need is the bare minimum to let your creativity flow. because i was sooo sick of the overly processed images of all the new phones. plus i already have a mirrorless camera. unlike most reviews i'm happy with it.
-bluetooth is great. sometimes it cuts a bit but only with my bluetooth earphones, and can't maintain a connection with my garmin watch. but with jbl speakers and car it's perfect.
-swype typing on this thing is a breeeze. normal typing is not great.
-loudspeakers are loudd. music is okay if instrumental and acoustic, but something like rock or many equipments create distortion.
-my first android phone (iphone user since 2014) and i'm not really bothered from the bloatware as it is minimal. and the tool box apps that came from unihertz are greatt.
-maintains calls very well even in bad network areas. ( my iphone dropped calls in the same place, that the atom maintained it perfectly! and several times with both so no coincidence here)
-that LED that blinks if i have messages or calls is super useful. as i don't have to open the phone every now and then to see if i got msgs or missed calls. VERY useful and awesome.
-the fact that the phone does not wake up when the screen is touched. (love it)
-fingerprint sensor works great with me, along with facial recognition.
-phone is snappy and fast, rarely rarely have hickups. ( i don't play games or watch stuff on it).
-headphone jack ( use it alot to reduce bluetooth usage, so the battery stays longer)
-final and favorite feature: The Radiooo. i just love the presence of an FM radio on my phone like in old days.

-google maps (specially car directions) is very hard to see as the UI was created for bigger screens. i have to use the audio to know where to go.
-sometimes the gps signal is not correct, or struggles to update. i think i have to recallibrate the phone sometimes.
-android auto is not pre-installed. i have to download it from google play and it's not available in my country. i managed to find an APK but a couple of months later it was outdated and did not want to start the app at all :(
-speaker in calls ( on the lowest setting) is still a bit loud to me.
-video in camera needed stabilization.
-lowest brightness is still too bright for me in nighttime.
-adaptive brightness does not work perfectly most of the times.
-i don't use dual sim so i wished the other empty tray area could've been used for an SD card expansion.

finally, UNIHERTZ, please, a special request. make a new version of this phone. updated hardware and software. while keeping the exact same dimensions. and i'll be the first to buy it! because really the Atom has everything i need in a phone, and the most important one of them is it's size, and durability, and hopefully the next one will be with a user replaceable battery.

Highly recommend the Atom for people who want a phone that (phones) , keeps them connected, and has all the main utility apps we can't stop using in our life now ( uber, maps, music streaming, NFC, and all that)

Productivity Reinvented

Bought one after many hours watching reviews. The phone feels solid and heavy just like a work tool should be. It is the closest thing you can get now to an updated BlackBerry. Android has some small rough edges but is very snappy and you forget the small screen while being productive. Be careful though because everyone will ask you what phone is it and say that it looks cool.

This is the best smartphone of my life

As someone who loves QWERTY physical keyboards, there hasn't been a better smartphone for me. After purchasing it through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and using it for about a year and a half, I haven't found anything inconvenient about it and have been using it without any problems. I'm satisfied with its design, performance, and above all, the QWERTY physical keyboard.

However, looking forward to the Unihertz Titan Slim 2, the first thing I hope for is a slimmer design, and secondly, the addition of waterproofing capabilities.

Since Unihertz is a company that makes good small smartphones and smartphones with waterproof features, I believe it's possible.

I want to express my gratitude to Unihertz for making such a great smartphone, looking forward to the next version of the Titan Slim.

Nice phone

The screen of my previous mobile phone broke, so I bought a new mobile phone. I use it daily as primary phone. It's very perfect for me, a student who don't have time to lose in distractions. This phone has the speciality of the leds on the back. They are very useful to know who is calling me when I am in the library. Also, I had the discount of a free accesory and now I use it for running or in the car.

The best phone I could buy

I hate having large phones, which barely fit into my pocket. I have been looking for a small, yet usable smartphone for quite some time and could not find anything, until 2 weeks ago.

The price I was willing to pay for a phone was up to 1000€ ($1100) and there were no serious options, outside of iPhone 12 / 13 mini (which you can see on the photo), but I dont like iOS and the battery on iPhones barely lasts a day, even if its new.

Finally, I have found Jelly Star, which almost perfectly covers my needs. I was worried about the screen at first, if I will be able to write on it (I am tall and have bigger fingers), but did not have any issues, compared to iPhone 12 mini, which I had to correct myself over and over. I was a bit slower at writing though, I would say I can write at 70% of the speed compared to my 6,5" android phone.

Battery is "only" 2000mAh and I was worried about it at first too, but it does not really seem like an issue, unless you want to stress the phone. When idling, the phone takes about 1-2% of battery each hour, with about 70 apps installed, WIFI toggled on and also SIM card with 4G inserted.

I chose to transfer my files from my previous phone to this one with a USB-C to USB-C cable, which I had to buy (they are not so common, but I recommend you to buy one, it will make your life much easier and clonning faster). I have charged the phone before data transfer to 100% and chose to transfer all my contacts, apps, files, settings,... which was around 50GB totally. Its quite a lot of data and many apps (80 at the time of transfer), so even the CPU was stressed a lot because of installing them one by one. The battery got from 100% to 20% during this "stress test" in 2 hours, after that I just unplugged the cable from the phone, charged it for about 30 minutes (which pumped it from 20% to cca 60%) and was able to just reconnect the cable, press a few buttons on the other phone to continue data transfer and the transfer finished).

Photos taken on the phone are comparable to other Android smartphones in this price range. I dont consider not having more lenses as a disadvantage, if you need this for standard use and dont consider yourself an "influencer" taking photos everywhere, or something :D but even then, the photos are very usable. Daytime photos are completely normal, night time not so much, but thats what I expected anyway.

So, do I consider this phone worth your money? Certainly yes! I am a developer and spend a lot of time on my PC and phone and was looking for something usable, as a minimalist phone, which I can use in case of emergency (to respond to important emails, connect remotely to SSH console, or anything else requiring an Android APP). So if your case is the same, this can be a full replacement of your phone, which you can, but dont want to use (for scrolling instagram, facebook, tiktok and other things all day).

The coolest little phone I've ever had

The Jelly Star is surprisingly powerful (nothing lags!) incredibly practical (especially with the little wrist lanyard), reasonably priced, rapidly delivered, and amazingly usable despite its tiny size. 5/5 stars, supremely recommended. I'm using it as my work phone and for such practicalities as "map navigation, music, torchlight, and clock, at hand at all times".


Excellent produit 👍 . Les points forts : qualité ,fluidité, rapidité, vidéo projecteur, puissance du logiciel, autonomie batterie,bon son

Such a breath of fresh air!

I absolutely love my Titan Pocket! As someone who lives with finger and hand issues, typing on a screen has been rather hard for me to do. The keyboard has been amazing and nostalgic! Also, I tend to drop things a lot, but my Titan Pocket, tho showing tiny dings, is still motoring along like nothing happened! I'm about to take it on the Appalachian Trail, and I have zero worries!

Thank You Unihertz!! So far, the best physical keyboard out there

Hey Slim, reverse the comma and period placement on the physical keyboard (it would then be the best compact physical keyboard phone on the planet!). The period/comma placement isn't ideal imho. Of course, If that is the only con, that is saying something.

Incidentally, like others, I have had all of the physical keyboard phones ever made, and the Titan Slim is the best you can buy - by far - in terms of use and 4G+ functionality. When the carrier dropped the last BlackBerry, I bought the Titan Slim as a holdover while waiting for the Astro or Pro1x. Titan Slim works out of the box. Others promise and have yet to deliver. Slim makes and takes calls, texts, and has a two day battery to boot. It is not a BlackBerry, but it is close. Slim is my daily driver and proud to use it. It needs only the period/comma reversed, a micro-SD slot, and the newest Android software. If a Slim II 5G comes out, I will buy.

I haven't had a problem with the fingerprint sensor placement like others have mentioned, but I also keep it in its leather pouch to protect it from the elements. Oh, and if Unihertz wants to continue to innovate, reach out to us power users for input on future models. We know what we want in a physical keyboard phone.

Thank you for building the Titan Slim!!!

Wrist Lanyard
Shahrul Anuar
Wrist Lanyard unihertz original

Barang dijamin original, saya salah seorang pembeli daripada Malaysia... Barang dah sampai dalam keadaan selamat... Seller dan app ni dijamin selamat dan trusted... Jadi ap tnggu lagi,,, Tq seller & rider delivery you all the best...

Teeny Tiny Terrificness!

I bought the Unihertz Jelly 2 because I was so sick of all the huge phones that were a strain on the fingers to use for long periods of time and also never fit comfortably into half my pants' pockets.

I was prepared for a steep learning curve and sub-par performance considering the price, size and some YouTube reviews. But I have been using the Jelly 2 as my only phone for months now (only just realised there was a review tab on the site) and am SO in love with how comfortable it is to use.

I use my Jelly 2 for calls, to track my runs, message, read through some documents and e-books, play music, make contactless payments, watch Netflix (yes, I watch movies on this!) and even play Mobile Legends Bang Bang (won 16 of my last 20 watches with MVP for some).

Granted, switching to the Jelly 2 takes some getting used to but practice makes perfect. I now type with almost the same amount of accuracy as on a 6" phone.

The battery life is surprisingly good; I can last from 5.40am till 9pm having tracked a run, handled some messages and calls, about an hour of video, one MLBB game and some music.

I only wish it were more rugged; may have to upgrade to an Atom L one day! In the meantime, I love how I barely even feel my Jelly 2 on my arm strap when I run!

This is my primary personal device

I really do -like- this phone. I tried/own a "lite phone II" which I find entirely too restrictive. This was an "upgrade" to my venerable Palm PVG100 (pictured in comparison below). There are always trade-offs going small. I think the Jelly 2 is an admirable step in the right direction please continue to improve this basic design.

The Good: Decent battery life, Android 11, All the basic phone functions you would expect from a smartphone. Headphone Jack. Decent performance. Standard screen dimensions, Decent sound quality, (speakerphone is meh). Excellent storage & ram specs, camera is quite functional, if not overly exciting. Covers all the US LTE bands/carriers, good reception.

The Bad: Note the size comparison to the PVG100, The Jelly 2 is just a "teensie" bit too small. The flat footprint needs to be the actual size or a mm or so larger square than a credit card, so that you can put a credit card sized card in the case. Note the 'wallet' case will not close with a card in the holder. The phone is a little fatter than I would like. I would prefer something between this and the PVG100 (which had abysmal battery life). The GPS is somewhat weak, hard to do without a decent antenna.

If android auto would ever get reasonably stable ...

This phone is perfect for someone who does not want to be tied to their phone, but want's to carry around a small but fully functional device for those occasions when you may need it. I avoid doing any work on my phone, but I do from time to time like to review what I want to look at when I get back to a desktop. Further I want full access to my contacts/address books no matter where I am at.

The wish list: ** Slightly larger rectangle (credit card+) ** , thinner (maybe ~12-14mm but keep the battery life). Camera's keep getting better but keep the costs down. USB-C docking with a desktop function (like DeX). I would love to be able to put on a standard linux build with "Plasma Mobile" and get rid of my laptop! (I also have a pinephone, Hey! it's the *wish* list).

My ideal device would allow me to carry it in my front shirt pocket with a card case (wallet or back) an ID, and a card or two

Shahrul Anuar
Earphones Unihertz UniBuds

Barang memang terbaik... Saya pembeli daripada Malaysia... Saya salah satu pengguna Unihertz Tank,,, Jujur cakap trusted seller... Terima kasih to seller dan rider delivery... Unihertz Tank + Unihertz UniBuds = Baru Padu... Guna tanpa rasa ragu huhu...

Shahrul Anuar
Earphones Unihertz UniBuds

Item memang terbaik... Saya pembeli daripada Malaysia... Saya salah pengguna telephone Unihertz Tank... Di tambah lagi dengan UniBuds Original baru padu... Trusted Seller... Thank Unihertz and thank rider delivery... You All the best...


sono innamorato di questo mini smartphone. Versatile e funzionale si dimentica di averlo in tasca. Memoria capiente ed eccellente per uso domotica.
Lo uso anche come smart key.
Attendo nuova versione più sottile.
Uno smartphone da acquistare senza preoccupazioni.

Jelly 2 - Small Android 11 Phone
I love my Jelly 2 and use it as my primary phone

I love this phone so much. It works really well just like a normal smartphone but due to the mall screen size i spend lot less Time on my smartphone and more time being in the moment. I Wish it had better camera though and a thinner and lighter design build. Otherwise I am very happy.


I have nothing but good things to say about this device, which I have lovingly dubbed 'the bean'. The hardware feels surprisingly high quality for the device's, low price, and the colour is absolutely stunning in all different kinds of lighting. Bean runs perfectly, as expected, and to my surprise was running Android 11 out of the box, rather than the advertised Android 10. The haptic feedback when using the capacitive navigation buttons at the bottom bezel of the display is satisfying without being too much, and despite the size of its battery, I get surprisingly good life out of it. I use the combination of slide typing and voice to type so the small keyboard area doesn't act as an issue in my case, and this has actually become my preferred device for music as my wireless earbuds sound better on the bean than they do on any of my other devices. The programmable side key with its nice accent color is also a very functional and welcome addition, and the device is perfect for my job where it's smaller stature in my pocket makes it less likely to get wet when I'm making beverages and cleaning dishes. Very very glad I bought the bean, and I would recommend buying the bean if you think you would have a use for a smaller device, or even if you just want it because it's cute.

Fantastic phone, small but very usable. Love it!

I tend to only use a phone for talk and text, and prefer models that are smaller than my iPod Touch, preferably a good bit smaller. Preferably the size of my old LG enV2, if I'm being honest.

I used the Unihertz Atom for a month but found the keyboard too small even for my minimal uses. It was excellent as a way to deter excessive, or any, screen use, but even typing a word or two was frustrating. I switched to Jelly 2 about a month ago and the difference is amazing. I am absolutely in love with this little phone!

Even with my bad eyes and clumsy fingers, texting is very doable with no more errors than I make on my iPod Touch keyboard, especially with the Swiftkey keyboard app that supports swype typing. I wouldn't want to type long emails on it, but I have no problem texting or typing short emails. Discord, Facebook, Flickr and Chrome are all very functional and easy to use even on such a small screen. Despite the fact that I try to limit my phone use to talk and text, I find myself using it for other functions that I'd normally use over WIFI with my iPod Touch.

I appreciate that Jelly 2 has more RAM and storage than Atom, and that it supports a micro SD card in the second SIM slot. I'm using it with a Verizon SIM card that was activated in a Verizon phone and switched to the Jelly 2. So far, no problems with Verizon as my service provider. Although I liked the rubberized grip of Atom, I prefer the removable case that Jelly 2 has, and hope it will be available as a separate purchase and in different colors at some point.

I prefer the older Android app drawer style UI, but the Clean Launcher app decently provides that functionality. I'd also like it to have a larger battery, although I know that's a trade off with keeping the device size small. I was getting 3 days between charges with the Atom but can't seem to go more than 2 with Jelly 2, probably because I'm tempted to use it for more than just talk and text. Overnight battery drain is about 1% per hour on standby in battery saver mode. I don't like that you can't see the battery charge level in battery saver mode. The icon at the top doesn't display a visual level or percentage.

If you value a small footprint over screen or battery size, Jelly 2 can absolutely function as a main smart phone replacement. If you enjoy watching videos or playing games on your phone or need to do a lot of typing, it may not be the best choice. If you want a tiny, rugged phone to use as a temporary alternate to a larger or more fragile device, or something that will really discourage screen use, go with the Atom.

Photos below include a comparison with the Unihertz Atom, iPod Touch and LG enV2.

Unihertz Atom, a pocket gem!

The Unihertz Atom is a pocket marvel, as it manages to have the function of a capable smartphone in a tiny form factor. You get a great, pocketable device that has good performance. 4gb of ram and a helio p23 processor make this device very snappy. Because the screen is so small (about 2.4") it doesn't need a lot of processing power to render the pixels on screen.

Everything works as it should, the phone is running android oreo, so is fairly up to date. It has 64gb storage (no micro SD card support sadly, but the 64gb is nice in this price range). The phone is running virtually stock android, with a few additional apps added by Unihertz, which are ideal for outdoor working or activities (It is a rugged phone after all).

The phone has a 2000mah battery. This battery while not amazing, should get you through a day and possibly two or more days if you are a frugal user. The most I managed was 4 days, but that requires you to switch off a lot of background apps and put the phone in battery saver mode and airplane mode overnight. Over two days with moderate to heavy usage I was able to get about 6 hours screen on time. The battery was down to about 8% at that point. The problem is the phone loses a fair bit of charge in standby. You can mitigate this by turning WiFi and/or mobile data off when you're not using it and turning on the battery saver. Overall I think the battery life is decent especially considering the battery capacity. It also charges quite quickly. At just over an hour for me from 15%-100% using the supplied charger. (I didn't get a three pin adapter with the phone, but bought a 3 pin travel adapter that works fine.)

The camera is probably the phone's weakest point, although I use it all the time. You can get quite decent pictures from the camera in good light. It's also quite fast at taking the picture. HDR mode really helps with landscape shots, making the colours pop. Or you can use your favourite image editing app to adjust the colours later. I use Snapseed for this. The camera sometimes has a focusing issue where the picture or video looks blurry. When this happens it best to re-adjust the angle until the image in the camera viewer looks clearer. Low light images are not great so avoid taking pictures in these conditions if you can. You also need to try and keep your hands steady as it will blur the picture otherwise.

Video can also can good as long as the lighting is sufficient and you check for any blurry focusing issues. The biggest problem with capturing video is the lack of image stabilization, so you will need steady hands to avoid a jerky video. If the video isn't too shaky, you can improve it by using the stabilise feature in the Google Photos app.

Despite the camera's faults, because of the phone's small size, it is convenient to take out of your pocket and take a quick photo or video at a moment's notice. I don't think the camera is terrible, because you can get some really nice pictures. It's just getting used to the quirks. (See some of my pictures attached)

The rear mounted speaker on this phone is actually quite loud. I was surprised how loud it goes! It can sound a bit tinny at high volumes, but you should have no problem hearing it in noisy environments. The phone also has a headphone jack which is very useful if you only have wired headphones or require an aux connection to a speaker or car sound system.

Phone calls sounded clear enough to me and WiFi is generally reliable. The phone is 4g capable and works well for me using an ee SIM. I did notice the phone heats up quite a bit when using mobile data for a while, so you might want to be careful leaving mobile data enabled for long periods.

Gaming is certainly possible on this phone, but the tiny screen makes it very hard to play games effectively. I stick to the ones requiring few onscreen controls. Crashy Cats is one I play a lot and while it is a bit harder to see what's going on, you do get used to it.

The keyboard is also tiny, so expect to make a few typos when using it. You do get used to it with time, or you can use swipe gesture keyboard controls or even voice controls using the Google assistant. It might also help you to put the phone in landscape mode while typing, as the keys will be spaced wider apart.

Fingerprint and face unlock are the two main security methods. I have set up both. The fingerprint scanner is great when it works, but often doesn't, I think because it just too small for your finger. I use my thumbs to unlock and the successe rate is about 6/10. Face unlock is quite reliable, but the default use requires you to first press the power button and then look at the screen to unlock. You can't unlock the phone when the display is off using this method, whereas you can with the fingerprint sensor.

I like the fact that the phone has notification LEDs. You can change these in the settings and have a red, blue or green light for different notifications. I found that reall...