Unibuds - Unihertz
Unibuds - Unihertz
Unibuds - Unihertz
Unibuds - Unihertz
Unibuds - Unihertz
Unibuds - Unihertz


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Telecom Compatibility

How do I know if the phone can work with my SIM card in my country?

1. You can click the links below to see other users' feedback:

2. You can find the phone's supported bands in product specifications and check if those meet your sim-card carrier's requirements or contact your carrier.

* Due to different carrier's policy regarding unlocked phones, LTE wireless service may not be available even if your carrier supports listed bands. When this happens, please contact your carrier for more details.

Is Unihertz smartphone compatible with major US carriers?

For AT&T users:

AT&T released a whitelist of smartphone brands that will continue to work on their network after February 2022. Unfortunately, Unihertz products are not among them.

If you are using Unihertz smartphones (Except Jelly 2) on the AT&T network, it may not work normally. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, though this has resulted from the carrier's policy change.

Unihertz Jelly 2: Authorized to Operate on AT&T’s and Cricket’s network! (Last Updated: November 16, 2023)

For Verizon users:

Our phone can work fine in Verizon network. However, as it is not certified by Verizon, you cannot activate your new SIM card with it. Please activate the new SIM card with another Verizon certified device and then use it in your Unihertz phone.

For T-Mobile users:

You can use the SIM card on Unihertz smartphones.

Unihertz Smartphones Telecom Compatibility Feedback Form

If you find other carriers that work for the specific country/region/city but are not listed here, please kindly let us know via the Google form below. Your participation makes Unihertz better and means a lot to us and to the future users of Unihertz!

Important: This item will be shipped from Hong Kong. If you have other items in an order, please note that this item may be shipped separately from the other items and additional shipping charges may apply.

Unibuds - Small & Portable Earbuds

Compatible with Unihertz smartphones.

Unibuds are small and portable, equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 instant automatic pairing to all Unihertz smartphones. The HD sound quality will bring your experience with Unihertz smartphones to a whole new level.

Unibuds are compatible with all Unihertz smartphones.

Perfectly compatible with Unihertz smartphones

Simply open your case and your phone will receive the pairing request!

Unibuds are compatible with Titan Pocket, Jelly 2, and AtomXL/L, while Titan, Atom, and Jelly Pro need to be updated to the latest version.

Unibuds are earbuds that are perfectly compatible with Unihertz smartphones.

Up to 20 hours of playtime

The earbuds can work for 5 hours on a single charge, and the charging box can recharge the earphones 4 times. Enough to play 15 Hollywood movies or 400 songs.

Unibuds can last for 20 hours playing music and videos.

Fit in different ear shapes

With an ergonomic semi in-ear design, Unibuds fit in different ear shapes. You can wear it stably when working, jogging, hiking, workout, etc.

You can wear Unibuds stably when working, jogging, hiking, workout, etc.

Smart point touch function

Unibuds adopt a touch design instead of buttons, which is simpler and more sensitive.