TickTock: The Unique 5G Dual-Screen Rugged Smartphone

A unique rugged phone that features its dual-screen and fast 5G connectivity.

Handle small tasks conveniently with the 1.3" sub-screen

There are diverse smart features integrated into the 1.3" sub-screen, with which you can answer incoming calls, check notifications and messages, listen to music, take a selfie with the primary camera, etc. quickly and easily.
Take nice selfies with TickTock's 48MP rear camera
View text messages on the sub-screen of TickTock.
As TickTock goes through more software updates, there will be more features being added to the list.
What would you like to have as one of the features?
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Choose a different watch face and get a personalized touch.

There are 16 different clock faces for you to choose from.
Choose a built-in watch face you like on TickTock.
And a place where you can upload your favorite photo as background.
Create your own watch face on TickTock with your favorite photo.

Cutting-edge 5G & Android 11 OS

IP68 Water-Resistant

It’s no harm to make a splash on your phone! TickTock is able to withstand dust, dirt, and sand, and to survive up to 1.5m underwater for up to 30 minutes.

TickTock is a 5G rugged phone with IP68 water-resistant certificate.

6,000mAh Battery & Fast Charging