Welcome to the Unihertz VIP Club!

Ever since we launched the world's smallest smartphone, Jelly, on Kickstarter, we have gathered thousands of loyal fans worldwide. We continuously strive to develop unique smartphones just for you.

Now, we're excited to introduce the Unihertz VIP Club, our loyalty program designed to provide an enhanced experience for our fans. Join now and start earning rewards with Unihertz.

Welcome to the Unihertz VIP Club


Becoming a member of the Unihertz VIP Club is easy. Simply register an authentic account on the official Unihertz website, and you'll automatically become one of our VIP members. Best of all, it's completely free! Please note that all customers who have placed an order on Unihertz will be enrolled as VIP members. Sign in to your account and embark on your rewards journey.


Hertz is the unit of membership credit points in our loyalty program. The more Hertz you earn, the higher your member level becomes. You can also use your Hertz points to redeem discount coupons on the Unihertz official store when purchasing new unique smartphones.

To earn Hertz, simply visit the membership panel on our website. There, you will find various ways to earn Hertz points. For instance, as a newly registered account, you will earn 100 Hertz just by signing in. Additionally, for every $1 spent on the Unihertz website, you will earn 5 Hertz.

Open the membership panel, navigate to the "How to Redeem Hertz" dashboard, and click the "Redeem" button next to the reward you desire. Your redeemed discount coupon code will be available in the "Reward List" section.


Every member has a unique referral link. Share this link with your friends, and they will receive a $10 OFF discount as a courtesy from you. Moreover, for every order your friends place through your referral link, you will earn 1000 Hertz. Please note that inauthentic invitations will be considered cheating, and accounts found to be in violation will be suspended.


By earning more Hertz, you can elevate your VIP tier and unlock hidden rewards exclusive to each tier. The higher your tier, the more exciting rewards you'll gain access to.

Hertz Rules


Hertz Points


Place an Order

5 Hertz Per $1

No Limitations

Sign up for Newsletters

100 Hertz

Once Per Account

Write a Review

100 Hertz

Once Per Purchased Item for Verified Review

Follow Us on Social Media

50 Hertz

Once Per Valid Social Media Follow

Birthday Reward

200 Hertz

Once Per Year, on the Member's Birthday