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Business Collaboration with Unihertz

Unihertz is always available for reselling, distribution and product customization. Please contact us to learn more about collaborating with us!
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Many of you know us from Kickstarter, selling unique smartphones for all kinds of needs. Unihertz cannot be where it is today without your support!

Do you know that Unihertz is also open to business partnerships like Reselling, Distribution, and Customization?

Most importantly, we always take high-quality products as our bottom line and do our best to satisfy our customers' needs.

As a smartphone provider, we have:

  • Decades-Long Experience in Design & Development
    Unihertz has a decade-long experienced team that can independently design and develop a unique smartphone which including ID/MD design, Software/Hardware development and testing, RF design, and testing, etc.
  • Competitive Manufacturing Capabilities
    Unihertz has its own smartphone manufacturing plant with a complete production line. Under strict quality control and management, Unihertz not only has competitive manufacturing capabilities, but is also able to deliver smartphones that meet the brand's high standards.
  • Responsive and Swift Customer Service
    Unihertz also has a perfect and systematic sales services to provide pre-sales Q&A, after-sales technical support, repair services, and so on.

Contact us

Please contact us at if you are interested in collaborating with us.

  • If you wish to partner with Unihertz and resell/ distribute our smartphones to your country or region. Please use the email title "Your Company Name_Reselling/ Distribution Request" and include the following information:
      1. Company profile
      2. Target region
      3. Main sales channel
  • If you wish to customize software, hardware, etc. for business usage, based on one of our smartphones that is currently on sale, please use the email title "Your Company Name_Customization Request" and include your detailed requirements on customization.