Case for Jelly 2/2E - Unihertz
Case for Jelly 2/2E - Unihertz
Case for Jelly 2/2E - Unihertz
Case for Jelly 2/2E - Unihertz
Case for Jelly 2/2E - Unihertz
Case for Jelly 2/2E - Unihertz
Case for Jelly 2/2E - Unihertz

Case for Jelly 2/2E

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Telecom Compatibility

How do I know if the phone can work with my SIM card in my country?

1. You can click the links below to see other users' feedback:

2. You can find the phone's supported bands in product specifications and check if those meet your sim-card carrier's requirements or contact your carrier.

* Due to different carrier's policy regarding unlocked phones, LTE wireless service may not be available even if your carrier supports listed bands. When this happens, please contact your carrier for more details.

Is Unihertz smartphone compatible with major US carriers?

We have recently made an announcement on the connection issue with AT&T.

Notice: About Recent AT&T Issues in the USA

According to the feedback we receive from users recently, you can still use the smartphones on Verizon and T-Mobile.

For Verizon users:

Our phone can work fine in Verizon network. However, as it is not certified by Verizon, you cannot activate your new SIM card with it. Please activate the new SIM card with another Verizon certified device and then use it in your Unihertz phone.

For T-Mobile users:

You can use the SIM card on Unihertz smartphones.

Unihertz Smartphones Telecom Compatibility Feedback Form

If you find other carriers that work for the specific country/region/city but are not listed here, please kindly let us know via the Google form below. Your participation makes Unihertz better and means a lot to us and to the future users of Unihertz!

Important: This item will be shipped from Hong Kong. If you have other items in an order, please note that this item may be shipped separately from the other items and additional shipping charges may apply.

A TPU case tailored to protect your Jelly 2 / Jelly 2E from scratches and damages


  • Equipped with a hole for you to hang a lanyard.
  • Snugly fits your phone and allows you to charge it conveniently with the case on.
  • Made of soft TPU material to protect your phone from scratches and damage.

You will receive the item in the package of Jelly 2 Version*.
* Case for Jelly 2 is compatible with Jelly 2E.

Unihertz Jelly 2 CaseUnihertz Jelly 2 Case

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