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Titan Pocket Is Available For Pre-Order

Titan Pocket is now available for pre-order with $10 off. Shipping starts on 2021.10.9 HKT.
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We are happy to announce that the Titan Pocket is available for pre-order TODAY!

Shipping will start from 2021.10.9 (HKT), and according to the order sequence.

The pre-order has limited quantity, so make sure that you act fast before the offer is gone.

Due to logistic issues, Titan Pocket may not be available in some regions yet. Please sign up here, we will let you know when it is available.
If you have signed up before, please kindly wait. We will also send you an email when Titan Pocket is available in your country.

Unihertz will do our best to deliver the smartphone to you as soon as possible, and we appreciate your patience while we are preparing for the delivery.



Unihertz Team