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Unihertz Club Membership

Subscribe and have fun participating the Unihertz Day limited flash sale!

Subscribe and have fun participating the Unihertz Day limited flash sale!

Q1: What is Unihertz Club Membership scheme?

Unihertz Club is a tiered membership program to recognize and reward Unihertz supporters and customers.

Q2: What are the Unihertz Club tiers and how to join?

Currently, there are two Unihertz Club membership tiers: Subscribers and VIP members.

Subscribers: Subscribe to Unihertz newsletters from our official website (not including subscription to specific product launch or friendly user tests).

VIP Members: Subscribe to Unihertz newsletters and purchase over US$10 in value (excluding refunded values) on www.unihertz.com.

Q3: When is the Unihertz Day?

The Unihertz Day is on the second Sunday of each month, from 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC+8).

Q4: What are the membership benefits?

On the second Sunday of each month, Unihertz will launch membership discounts on several chosen products for subscribers and VIP members respectively. The membership discounts and chosen products are different each month.

VIP members are qualified for both VIP discounts and subscriber discounts, whichever discount amount is higher, while subscribers are only qualified for subscriber discounts.

Q5: How do I know what are the benefits of the month?

Unihertz Club members will receive an email every month prior to the Unihertz Day regarding the membership discounts and chosen products of the month. Please purchase keep the date so that you won't miss the good deals on the products you like.