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Titan Slim Successfully Funded!

Titan Slim campaign has come to an end, thanks to the support from our 2,281 awesome backers.
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Didn't get the phone on Kickstarter? You can still get one here after we release!

Big thanks to you all!

Our campaign has come to an end. With support from our 2,281 awesome backers, we have reached the goal of $585,883.68. Thank you all for making this dream device come true.

During the past 30 days, we have had lots of discussions on this project, which were really inspiring and encouraging for the development of Titan Slim. We sincerely appreciate all of your participation and support over this unique smartphone idea.

What to expect next?

1. Kickstarter will charge your credit card within two weeks. Please make sure the information is correct and that you authorize this. Kickstarter offers a 7-days period for incorrect credit card information to be updated. Failed payment will lead to the cancellation of your pledge and get you removed from our backer list. Unihertz cannot help you if the pledge is dropped since Kickstarter is in complete charge of this.

2. We are now focusing on the production process, and everything is earlier than scheduled. After Kickstarter finishes charging backers, we will get a list of successful backers from them and send out a survey to collect your pledge details.

p.s. Add-ons may also be available in the survey.

Please stay in tune with our email and social media updates, in which we will announce our latest progress!