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sono innamorato di questo mini smartphone. Versatile e funzionale si dimentica di averlo in tasca. Memoria capiente ed eccellente per uso domotica.
Lo uso anche come smart key.
Attendo nuova versione più sottile.
Uno smartphone da acquistare senza preoccupazioni.

I love my Jelly 2 and use it as my primary phone

I love this phone so much. It works really well just like a normal smartphone but due to the mall screen size i spend lot less Time on my smartphone and more time being in the moment. I Wish it had better camera though and a thinner and lighter design build. Otherwise I am very happy.


I have nothing but good things to say about this device, which I have lovingly dubbed 'the bean'. The hardware feels surprisingly high quality for the device's, low price, and the colour is absolutely stunning in all different kinds of lighting. Bean runs perfectly, as expected, and to my surprise was running Android 11 out of the box, rather than the advertised Android 10. The haptic feedback when using the capacitive navigation buttons at the bottom bezel of the display is satisfying without being too much, and despite the size of its battery, I get surprisingly good life out of it. I use the combination of slide typing and voice to type so the small keyboard area doesn't act as an issue in my case, and this has actually become my preferred device for music as my wireless earbuds sound better on the bean than they do on any of my other devices. The programmable side key with its nice accent color is also a very functional and welcome addition, and the device is perfect for my job where it's smaller stature in my pocket makes it less likely to get wet when I'm making beverages and cleaning dishes. Very very glad I bought the bean, and I would recommend buying the bean if you think you would have a use for a smaller device, or even if you just want it because it's cute.

Fantastic phone, small but very usable. Love it!

I tend to only use a phone for talk and text, and prefer models that are smaller than my iPod Touch, preferably a good bit smaller. Preferably the size of my old LG enV2, if I'm being honest.

I used the Unihertz Atom for a month but found the keyboard too small even for my minimal uses. It was excellent as a way to deter excessive, or any, screen use, but even typing a word or two was frustrating. I switched to Jelly 2 about a month ago and the difference is amazing. I am absolutely in love with this little phone!

Even with my bad eyes and clumsy fingers, texting is very doable with no more errors than I make on my iPod Touch keyboard, especially with the Swiftkey keyboard app that supports swype typing. I wouldn't want to type long emails on it, but I have no problem texting or typing short emails. Discord, Facebook, Flickr and Chrome are all very functional and easy to use even on such a small screen. Despite the fact that I try to limit my phone use to talk and text, I find myself using it for other functions that I'd normally use over WIFI with my iPod Touch.

I appreciate that Jelly 2 has more RAM and storage than Atom, and that it supports a micro SD card in the second SIM slot. I'm using it with a Verizon SIM card that was activated in a Verizon phone and switched to the Jelly 2. So far, no problems with Verizon as my service provider. Although I liked the rubberized grip of Atom, I prefer the removable case that Jelly 2 has, and hope it will be available as a separate purchase and in different colors at some point.

I prefer the older Android app drawer style UI, but the Clean Launcher app decently provides that functionality. I'd also like it to have a larger battery, although I know that's a trade off with keeping the device size small. I was getting 3 days between charges with the Atom but can't seem to go more than 2 with Jelly 2, probably because I'm tempted to use it for more than just talk and text. Overnight battery drain is about 1% per hour on standby in battery saver mode. I don't like that you can't see the battery charge level in battery saver mode. The icon at the top doesn't display a visual level or percentage.

If you value a small footprint over screen or battery size, Jelly 2 can absolutely function as a main smart phone replacement. If you enjoy watching videos or playing games on your phone or need to do a lot of typing, it may not be the best choice. If you want a tiny, rugged phone to use as a temporary alternate to a larger or more fragile device, or something that will really discourage screen use, go with the Atom.

Photos below include a comparison with the Unihertz Atom, iPod Touch and LG enV2.

Unihertz Atom, a pocket gem!

The Unihertz Atom is a pocket marvel, as it manages to have the function of a capable smartphone in a tiny form factor. You get a great, pocketable device that has good performance. 4gb of ram and a helio p23 processor make this device very snappy. Because the screen is so small (about 2.4") it doesn't need a lot of processing power to render the pixels on screen.

Everything works as it should, the phone is running android oreo, so is fairly up to date. It has 64gb storage (no micro SD card support sadly, but the 64gb is nice in this price range). The phone is running virtually stock android, with a few additional apps added by Unihertz, which are ideal for outdoor working or activities (It is a rugged phone after all).

The phone has a 2000mah battery. This battery while not amazing, should get you through a day and possibly two or more days if you are a frugal user. The most I managed was 4 days, but that requires you to switch off a lot of background apps and put the phone in battery saver mode and airplane mode overnight. Over two days with moderate to heavy usage I was able to get about 6 hours screen on time. The battery was down to about 8% at that point. The problem is the phone loses a fair bit of charge in standby. You can mitigate this by turning WiFi and/or mobile data off when you're not using it and turning on the battery saver. Overall I think the battery life is decent especially considering the battery capacity. It also charges quite quickly. At just over an hour for me from 15%-100% using the supplied charger. (I didn't get a three pin adapter with the phone, but bought a 3 pin travel adapter that works fine.)

The camera is probably the phone's weakest point, although I use it all the time. You can get quite decent pictures from the camera in good light. It's also quite fast at taking the picture. HDR mode really helps with landscape shots, making the colours pop. Or you can use your favourite image editing app to adjust the colours later. I use Snapseed for this. The camera sometimes has a focusing issue where the picture or video looks blurry. When this happens it best to re-adjust the angle until the image in the camera viewer looks clearer. Low light images are not great so avoid taking pictures in these conditions if you can. You also need to try and keep your hands steady as it will blur the picture otherwise.

Video can also can good as long as the lighting is sufficient and you check for any blurry focusing issues. The biggest problem with capturing video is the lack of image stabilization, so you will need steady hands to avoid a jerky video. If the video isn't too shaky, you can improve it by using the stabilise feature in the Google Photos app.

Despite the camera's faults, because of the phone's small size, it is convenient to take out of your pocket and take a quick photo or video at a moment's notice. I don't think the camera is terrible, because you can get some really nice pictures. It's just getting used to the quirks. (See some of my pictures attached)

The rear mounted speaker on this phone is actually quite loud. I was surprised how loud it goes! It can sound a bit tinny at high volumes, but you should have no problem hearing it in noisy environments. The phone also has a headphone jack which is very useful if you only have wired headphones or require an aux connection to a speaker or car sound system.

Phone calls sounded clear enough to me and WiFi is generally reliable. The phone is 4g capable and works well for me using an ee SIM. I did notice the phone heats up quite a bit when using mobile data for a while, so you might want to be careful leaving mobile data enabled for long periods.

Gaming is certainly possible on this phone, but the tiny screen makes it very hard to play games effectively. I stick to the ones requiring few onscreen controls. Crashy Cats is one I play a lot and while it is a bit harder to see what's going on, you do get used to it.

The keyboard is also tiny, so expect to make a few typos when using it. You do get used to it with time, or you can use swipe gesture keyboard controls or even voice controls using the Google assistant. It might also help you to put the phone in landscape mode while typing, as the keys will be spaced wider apart.

Fingerprint and face unlock are the two main security methods. I have set up both. The fingerprint scanner is great when it works, but often doesn't, I think because it just too small for your finger. I use my thumbs to unlock and the successe rate is about 6/10. Face unlock is quite reliable, but the default use requires you to first press the power button and then look at the screen to unlock. You can't unlock the phone when the display is off using this method, whereas you can with the fingerprint sensor.

I like the fact that the phone has notification LEDs. You can change these in the settings and have a red, blue or green light for different notifications. I found that reall...

Do not mistake this for a kids' phone or a toy or a joke. This is a happy little phone.

I love the feel of this in my hand. I love the color. I love the memory stats. The battery hangs in there for phone setup and turning off and on and changing all the settings. Lowest it's been has been 49% after a day of playing with it and setting it up. It doesn't run hot. The cover they sent with it is just as cute as this phone. The screen resolution is so good you will do a double take and say Wow. You are thanking whomever created this for doing so. The keyboard is small but perfectly doable. You just type and with few errors. It comes with different sounds than the usual. What a nice surprise that was. I have been using i.Atype keyboard for years so that was the first install. It is a keyboard that allows you to adjust the height of the keyboard. So that works really well to make the keys a little larger without having to turn the phone a landscape view.

This phone is a real phone. You just use it like your regular phone only you are not lugging around a big bulky, or too tall and skinny phone. This fits the hand like a glove. One-handed stuffs works well. Icons look gorgeous on the screen.

It's a cool little happy phone and I'm very happy with it. I'm older so the SOS button is good. There is a red button on the side for setting that up, but right now the red button turns on this really bright LED light. It updated to from 10 to 11 without hiccup. I am using a 256 gb SD card.

Only things I wish were different. I have to try to figure out how not to share my sd card with the phone, and I wish that the screen saver that is on the phone was a better quality.

I'm still exploring but just wanted to come on and say don't worry with it. It works. Oh, it has reminder feature. You tell it to remind you to get up and take a walk, etc. I use Tello as my phone service. Calls are clear and crisp. No dropped calls so if you using Tello not to worry. Great service provider for a great phone. They use T-Mobile towers.

If you turn on the sound enhancement feature, the volume of this phone, and the clarity of the sound will leave you sockless. Makes a great little music player. And the equalizer works. I'm not a geek so can't get into all the endless little mechanical details. All I know is I am getting rid of great phone, and I bought this phone and have no regrets.

Tiny, powerful, minimalist phone w/hidden features!

This tiny phone packs a big punch! I purchased the Jelly 2 to try and reduce screen time and practice a more minimalist approach to smartphones. It has served that purpose very well so far! The phone is much quicker than my old LGV20, and the battery life is superb for such a small device. The extra thickness is noticeable but worth it for me personally for the extra battery life. This phone does everything a normal-sized smartphone would do, including running all my apps (music streaming, navigation, email, messages, banking, stock trading, calender, radar, etc.) in a much smaller package that is just more fun to use. I also love that in includes a headphone jack, IR blaster/remote, and even a fingerprint sensor. Can't ask for much more than that in a tiny 4G smartphone.

The Good:

Speed; snappy processing/navigation speeds, probably due to such a small screen and fewer pixels. But I'll take it! Absolutely blasts past my old LGV20, which was a flagship in 2016 and has a Snapdragon 820 chipset.

Camera; I'm going to include this as a pro for this device since I wasn't expecting much from a phone this size/price point. I was pleasantly surprised however, and most photos have turned out pretty decent. Good lighting helps. Whether close up or taking nature shots, the camera isn't "great", but it is certainly acceptable. (See pics for reference)

Fingerprint Reader; after registering the same finger twice, I get nearly 100% success using the fingerprint reader. That's a good thing, because it's my preferred method of unlocking the phone. I also like that it was kept on the back of the phone, rather than an in-screen reader.

Calling; I was worried about the mic being so far from my mouth while talking on the Jelly 2, but so far I haven't had to repeat myself. I am able to hear the other person, and they are able to hear me just fine. The earpiece speaker may be a bit quiet if you are in a noisy environment. I did notice "HD" on the screen during my last conversation, so apparently the phone is capable of HD voice calling as well. Has not dropped any calls yet.

Battery life; I put this phone to the test my first few days, purposely charging the phone to 100% and using it until it literally died in my hand. I can stream music, search the web, use navigation, send texts, and even make short phone calls for hours before the battery fully dies. I do wish the battery was removable so that it could be easily replaced once it begins to deteriorate. Hopefully Unihertz will offer a battery replacement at a decent price when this does inevitably happen. I would estimate I'm getting about 4-5 hours of screen-on time, with an overall battery life of about 12-14 hours with moderate to heavy use. Not bad for such a tiny phone!

The Bad:
Non-removable Battery; it pains me to see that the battery is non-removable. This means that when the battery eventually loses its ability to hold a charge, you will have to either send the phone back to Unihertz for a battery replacement, or just replace the phone entirely. Since the phone is not a uni-body design, and is at a lower price point, I can't understand why we are not given the option to remove the back and pop in a new battery ourselves. To me, this is a major downfall of the Jelly 2 over the long term.

Hidden features:

Speaker Boost - Go to Settings > Sound > Advanced > Sound Enhancement; now toggle on "BesLoudness" to get a noticeable increase in speaker volume.

Face Unlock - Go to Settings > Security > Face Unlock (enter your pin) > Enroll Face; now let the camera familiarize itself with your face, and you now have the Face Unlock feature on your tiny smartphone!

Increase Keyboard Size - Go to settings > System > Languages & Input > Virtual Keyboard > Gboard > Preferences > Under "Layout", Select "Keyboard Height" > Choose "Extra Tall"; you have now maximized the size of the on-screen keyboard to allow for easier typing.

Overall, the Jelly 2 is a great little phone. It's powerful/speedy, has a decent camera, good call quality, great battery life and an adequate display for its size. It will do everything your larger smartphone will do in a smaller package. I do worry about the build quality with the aforementioned jiggly plastic buttons on the side. I also wish it had removable battery. But these are small gripes compared to the overall device. I'm glad I purchased the Jelly 2, and it has even become my daily driver for now! I look forward to seeing what Unihertz puts out next. Would highly recommend the Jelly 2!

Titan pocket

Good phone, have had it for over a year works great. Did loose the engagement of one key “p” a while ago but I’ve been able to work around it without getting it fixed. Would recommend!

So far, so good :-)

Received my Jelly 2E 2 days ago (I live in the USA). For some reason, the phone kicked me to do a factory re-set when I turned off the phone and put my SIM inside the tray. I had previously set it up with NFC with my bigger cellphone and that went fine, but not sure why I was forced into a factory re-set mode and had to basically start all over again. Aside from that, it has worked fine since. Took a bit of getting used to typing on such a tiny keyboard, but the keyboard is intuitive in guessing your words, especially the more you type. Also love the fact that holding such a cute, little cellphone in my left had doesn't hurt my left forearm anymore. I am loving it!

For me almost perfect :-)

I`m a previous owner of BB priv, key 1 and key2, so I know what I`m writing about:-). If you enjoy your new phone, it's normal to compare it to your old one.
For me, the problem at the beginning was the keyboard - it has a different layout than in bb k2, but I must admit that after a few days it was no longer a problem for me. second problem - narrow screen - but after a few days it's not a problem. What I can't get used to is the badly placed fingerprint scanner, which is at the top and when writing messages, I accidentally touch it and the phone exits the program (mail, messenger) and of course you have to restart the program. At this point, I must admit that the quality of the keyboard is exemplary. I type quite a lot on the keyboard and for 2 years in bbk2 I replaced the keyboard once and once fixed - standard - a problem with the space bar. Everything works fine in Titan.
For some, the disadvantage may be the lack of bT5.0 - which results in lower sound quality in headphones supporting the aptX and aptX HD protocols.
If there will be chance for Titan slim 2 definitely I will buy.

Good but not rugged

I've had all the Titan phones after having just about every other keyboard smart phone out there (Palm Pre, Pre3, BB Priv, Key1) and this is close to being just right but misses a couple things:
1. Made out of super-slippery glass, so slides off surfaces, out of your hand, etc. It does come with a case - use it. For a phone called Titan, it should still be somewhat rugged. The exterior glass on the back of mine is all cracked now - should have just put the damn case on but [I thought] then it's bigger and insulated so gets hotter (however, heat's never been an issue and it's not that much bigger), but it's so much better with the case on. Just keep the case on it!!!!
2. Battery not quite as good as the original Titan.
3. No Qi charging.
4. Delay from typing to the keyboard light coming on. Really should turn on at the first hint of maybe wanting to type.

I wish they would make one like the Priv - big screen and access to the keys when needed.

The Amazing Titan Pocket

First off this review is done on my Titan Pocket. I absolutely loved BlackBerry back in the day. This is the next best thing. Great build quality. Great design. Great battery life. The Unihertz Titan Pocket will scratch that physical keyboard itch we all have had since BlackBerry went down. I highly recommend this phone by Unihertz along with the Jelly 2 and Atom/Atom L

Very satisfied

Have it for one year and it's a pleasure to work with the Titan! The best alternative to BlackBerry.
Thanks Unihertz!!!

Perfect size

As a nudist, sweat and buttdialing was an embarrassing issue before I switched to this delightful gadget. Perfect size for sneaking into prisons. Compact and waterproof!

Quit my smartphone addiction!

I've been using the Jelly Pro since January 2021 as an alternative to my attention-sucking full-size smartphone. I'm never going back! It has all the functions a minimalist needs, and it's much sturdier than a standard smartphone (I've dropped it hard enough that the battery came out with no damage to the phone). After years of use, the battery doesn't last as long as I'd like, and I'll probably upgrade to the Jelly 2 eventually.

Helped Curb My Phone Addiction - Money Well Spent!

I switched to the Unihertz Titan Pocket from an iPhone 11 Pro, and love it! Prior to the change, I was a total smartphone addict, spending 8 hours a day on my iPhone.

The smaller screen on the Titan Pocket discourages me from endlessly scrolling, and the greater customization available on Android OS allowed me to install a launcher that has helped me cut down on my phone use. (The Before Launcher). I now spend a very reasonable 1.5 hours a day on my phone.

I also love the option to turn on Student Mode, which prevents me from opening distracting apps out of habit.

The only thing that could be improved upon is the camera!


This phone is wonderful. I have always had keyboard phones, and was worried that nobody else seemed able to bring one to market. Unihertz has outdone themselves, and are selling this the Titan Slim at an affordable price. I am still getting used to the new keyboard layout, but I got used to the extended battery life right away. I am happy with my purchase, and would recommend this phone to any keyboard fan.

Create Phone like a BlackBerry Passport

i like this Smartphone. it is a great and big Phone with a Keyboard and looks like a BlackBerry Passport. The screen width is bigger than my Iphone 13 pro max. good Job, unihertz. I hope, The create a new Model with a new android Version.

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Just so awesome.

Ive had my Titan pocket for about 2 months, and it feels so right to use. The keyboard is responsive and tactile, and the size is perfect, even for my big hands. Definitely recommend!

The best

This is the best phone I have ever had (and I had a lot!!!!). It lasts on all trips in all hits and the battery carries for ever. But most importantly it's the size: Not too small so you can't read but fits easily in the palm of your hand and pocket. Excellent value for a reasonable amount

Titan Pocket user - I got my sanity back!

I was just so sick of touchscreen keyboards I was losing my mind with frustration. I saw this for the first time and flashbacks of an era where I loved my phone and worked with it not ON it -when I had a BlackBerry Bold.

Bless you for making this device! The Titan Pocket is the first phone since my Bold that I actually love using again! Now I just need to retrain my muscle memory for the BB keboard which seems to haver persisted at least 15 years past being used!

best phone ever

I have this phone now over 2 year and I use it daily. This is how a proper, functional phone should be and look like. Battery life still is 2 days with normal use. The only sign of ware is the alu backstrip is a little loose, but that's really nothing to be bothered with
I honestly don't understand why there are only 10 reviews. I'm about to buy another one, just in case they stop producing it in the near future because there is no equal one available that is rugged, waterproof, small ( I had also the atom 2.4inch, but it's just to small for daily use)and ok performance. Keep it going uniherz!

Titan Slim perfect phone

Titan Slim - my perfect phone, being a big fan of the qwerty keyboard, I just love it. minuses - I didn't find anything, in fact the software update would be a minus, otherwise everything is ok.

Back to the future!

I tried Titan, Titan Pocket and finally SLIM version arrived. We are back to the future. Right dimension, perfect keyboard, fast and modern. The first real bb's heir. Well done!

The essential little kit

The nec Nothing to say it's perfect I already have the little Atom and the Titan this one is me ideal compromise.