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zalman zalaznik Total posts: 4 Joined: 06/08/21 19:32:44

Hey Really Thanks for the Lovely Guidance !!!

But I can not pass the step of *fastboot flashing unlock*.


I'm using the Windows 10 operating system.

I realized that it was a driver problem and I do not know what to do.

help me

Thank you very much for anyone who helps!

Posted: 06/08/21 20:19:48
Aiyan Total posts: 699 Joined: 10/10/20 05:52:59

@YaroslavoU Okay. Thanks for your feedback!

Posted: 03/11/21 11:10:38
YaroslavoU Total posts: 3 Joined: 01/04/21 12:21:03

Greetings and thank you. Problem solved. Yesterday I stumbled upon a tutorial: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4skc7Js68g&t=359s" which inspired me and I immediately tried it and it worked !!! I had the driver correct and well installed, it was just a matter of following this manual in time from 5min.33sec. After a successful scan of the Com port and starting Start, pull it out for a moment and plug the cable into the phone again! This is the crucial moment when the download really starts. I am happy. Thanks.

Posted: 03/11/21 09:57:33
Aiyan Total posts: 699 Joined: 10/10/20 05:52:59

@YaroslavoU The following is a guide document, which has a link to the official ROM and tool.
<<How to flash rom>>
<<How to install USBDriver>>

Posted: 03/11/21 05:57:02
YaroslavoU Total posts: 3 Joined: 01/04/21 12:21:03

        I warmly greet all the members of this topic and I very much ask for advice and help. I own a Unihertz Jelly2 phone and I got this phone and I am a big admirer of it. Because I also own a Xiaomi PocoF1 phone and an app. for Titanium backup, which requires root, the root process was understandable and feasible from my point of view, so I made the root process quite easy. I decided the same thing in the case of Jelly2. Especially according to the legible procedure of the "Flapperbol" member, I got the feeling that I could do it too. I managed to unlock the bootloader, but then I lost the confidence to complete the root process, especially since the problem with Minimal ADB adb Fastboot communicating with Jelly 2 persists in my case. So I'm in a situation where the root is not complete, but mainly by unlocking the bootloader, I lost the possibility of NFC payments. For this reason, I chose the option to re-lock the bootloader by reinstalling the Jelly2 stock firmware. And here I ended up completely! I followed exactly the instructions "Flapperbol" and the attached PDF file. Step by step with emphasis on installing the necessary Vcom MTK driver. However, the flash firmware itself did not always run due to not finding the Com port. If I summarize my futile attempts in total, I tried it about 50 times on two NTBs and a desktop PC, all equipped with Win10 64bit. Unsuccessfully! I am very much asking for any advice where I am making a mistake because now I feel that the Flapperbol member's procedure seems to be from another world. Above all, I ask him himself to state on which operating system the root or flash firmware was running. I add that I am 70 years old and my ability in this field is certainly limited. I very much regret my decision that I have devalued an otherwise well-equipped telephone and I ask you for leniency in assessing my problems. Thank you!

Posted: 03/10/21 16:50:44
M. K. Total posts: 5 Joined: 01/05/21 22:32:01

I had the same problem, most likely due to a driver problem in Win10.


Go here: 


Burn it on a USB drive an boot from there. No driver problems anymore.

Posted: 01/10/21 19:01:05
YaroslavoU Total posts: 3 Joined: 01/04/21 12:21:03

Hi, I follow the "Flapperbol" instructions exactly and I always end up on the Faster mode phone. After entering the command in the terminal "fastboot flashing unlock" nothing happens at all! I tried the same on the other PC, always Win10 64bit. What's wrong, I really don't know anymore.

Posted: 01/04/21 12:21:03
Flapperbol Total posts: 13 Joined: 11/29/20 17:29:52



I've had no problems using NFC and two different banking apps. Both my banking apps allow me to pay using NFC.

Some apps disable fingerprint login when they detect root, but you can easily fool these using Magisk Hide so it'll work again.
(And besides, the fingerprint reader is wonky at best, I've disabled it all together)

Posted: 01/04/21 08:05:39
kostas-k Total posts: 2 Joined: 12/31/20 12:39:19

Do all functions work after root?  I mean NFC, bank applications etc 

Posted: 01/04/21 01:09:15
Roger Anderson Total posts: 8 Joined: 12/06/20 00:23:50

Looks like quite a bit of work here.

Posted: 12/06/20 00:37:13
Flapperbol Total posts: 13 Joined: 11/29/20 17:29:52

@Iwont Tellu

I have no idea if installing a custom rom is possible using the SP Flash tool, but I would presume so.
TWRP does make it easier, but unfortunately we can't install that at this moment.

Also I'm afraid I have no idea how to build customs roms. 
Maybe I'll look into it sometime, but don't get your hopes up
Root is the main thing I want in a phone, a custom OS is nice but not a must have for me.


Posted: 12/04/20 18:06:43
Iwont Tellu Total posts: 1 Joined: 12/04/20 16:23:23

If i understood it right using the Flash tool twrp is not required for installing a custom rom?

Do you have the knowledge also to build lineage or eOS for this device? :)


Posted: 12/04/20 16:23:23
Flapperbol Total posts: 13 Joined: 11/29/20 17:29:52

Just a quick update:

There you go!
Updated the start post with the needed steps.

Posted: 12/03/20 10:31:06
Flapperbol Total posts: 13 Joined: 11/29/20 17:29:52

Disclaimer: Rooting the device might void your warranty, please be aware of that. Also I'm not responsible for anything you do with your phone

Do note that I'm no expert on this, just an enthousiast. This is just me following a lot of online tutorials and combining several of those and coming up with these results

EDIT: It works! I've successfully gained Root on the Jelly 2!

These are the steps you need to take to get root Access: (details are blow)

  • Unlock the bootloader
  • Patch the boot.img using Magisk Manager (Canary version, which is the beta)
  • Fastboot flash an empty vbmeta.img (with option "--disable-verity --disable-verification")
  • Fastboot flash patched boot.img
  • Success!

Has anyone been successful yet rooting the Jelly 2?

Since yesterday I've been messing around with Magisk and TWRP but I haven't been able to get a patched boot.img or TWRP working on the device.

What I've come across so far:

  • Unlocking the bootloader is a breeze. During the Kickstarter campaign they stated it wouldn't be supported, but apparently it is and quite easy to do so.
    • Note: This will factory reset the phone! 
    • Within Android, go to Settings>About Phone.
    • Tap 10 times on the build number, a message will state Developer options" have been unlocked
    • Now at "Settings>System>Advanced>Developer options", there's a checkbox "OEM unlocking", enable that one.
    • Also enable "USB debugging" in that same screen
    • Now connect the Jelly 2 to a computer and open up a terminal. (I assume you already have ADB and Fastboot installed on your PC, enough guides online for this)
    • In the terminal type "ADB devices", a notification on the phone will ask for permission, accept that. You'll see the device pop0up in the terminal
    • Now type "ADB reboot bootloader". The Jelly 2 will boot into Fastboot mode (black screen with the text "Fastboot mode")
    • On your computer in the terminal, type "fastboot flashing unlock". 
    • On the Jelly 2 you'll get a prompt to unlock the bootloader using "Volume Up" (it states warranty might be void)
    • That's it! If you want to relock the bootloader, you can flash the official Jelly 2 firmware using the SP_MDT tool, it'll put everything back to factory settings
  • Patching the boot.img in Magisk is without issues and flashing it is easy. You'll need two files: A patched "boot.img" and an empty "vmbeta.img" 
    • PC: Download the Magisk Manager Canary from https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk, transfer the APK to your phone and install it (it'll ask about installing from unknown sources, just accept)
    • PC: Get an empty "vbmeta.img" file. You can create one yourself, I got one from https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/howto-flash-a-blank-vbmeta.4136509/
    • PC: Get the current Jelly 2 firmware from the Google Drive, you'll need the boot.img. Transfer the boot.img to your phone.
    • Phone: Open Magisk Manager, at "Magisk" choose "Install".
      • You'll get 2 options, pick the second one (Patch boot image from file), choose the boot image you got from the firmware
      • Once Magisk did it's magic, a new file called "magisk_patched.img" will appear in the Download folder
    • Just to be sure, check whether "USB debugging" is enabled in the developer options
    • PC: Connect the Jelly 2 through USB, and copy "magisk-patched.img" to your PC. To make things easier, place both the magisk-patched.img and vbmeta.img in the same folder. (It helps if the folder is easy to access using the command prompt)
    • PC: Now open up the Command prompt (CMD) 
      • CMD: run the command "adb devices", check the phone if a notification pops up. If so, accept it. This command should show you that the Jelly 2 is connected
      • CMD: run the command "adb reboot bootloader". The phone will enter fastboot mode.
      • CMD: run the command "fastboot devices", your device should show up
      • CMD: navigate to the folder where you put the two files
      • CMD: run the command "fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img"
        • It should show it successfully sent the file
      • CMD: run the command "fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img"
        • It should show it successfully sent the file
      • CMD: run the command "fastboot reboot"
      • You're done!
  • Installing TWRP Not worth trying at this moment, since it's not needed and not working on Android 10 AFAIK
    • Edit: It seems TWRP is currently not supported for devices that launched with Android 10, bummer.
  • Bootloop fixing, or just restoring the boot.img or recovery
    • Download the Jelly 2 firmware from the Google Drive and unzip it somewhere.
    • You can either use
      • "SP Flash Tool" for flashing specific things like the Boot.img or Recovery
      • "SP MDT" for flashing the entire firmware. This wil factory reset your phone
    • Start up one of those applications, and load everything up following the provided PDF
    • Just hook up the Jelly 2 using a USB cable, and it'll automatically flash the selected items.


Posted: 12/02/20 13:44:29
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