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First Software Update is now available!

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Posted at 2018-2-2 23:59:38 | All floors
1st - GPS has to be corrected - this is a must
2nd - Apps should to be removable.
3rd - 4G+4G is a wish
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Posted at 2018-2-8 11:04:15 | All floors
CMB Posted at 2018-2-2 20:38
No, you can't, because @jelly @admin don't want to see a community doing a better ROM than them.
: ...

they would get many more customers and sales if there were custom roms for this! no one is buying this phone for the rom... I would love to see LinageOS with inbuilt microG support.

Has anybody got microG working? I bricked the phone manually deleting the priv-apps, will keep trying when i have some free time.... removing google play services & other gapps improves battery life dramatically for me, on other devices.
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